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Earthborn Pottery is beautiful custom crafted straight to your table or restaurant.

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Earthborn Pottery is a company built from our love of art and our passion to create it.

Working with clay gives us a connection to the earth and a respect for our Creator who made it. Each piece is a labor of love; handmade, heartfelt, and designed with inspiration from nature in all its glory: the greens of pine trees, the blues and violets of the sky, the downy warmth of cotton fields, golden hues of honey, and the deep reds from our Alabama soil. 

Earthborn Artists

The potters of Earthborn Studios are skilled artisans…

who enjoy a common ground with the chefs for whom they design. Both chef and potter take raw ingredients from the earth to be carefully subjected to the right time and temperature in the ovens, and then placed on the table to be enjoyed. Mixers, baker’s racks, oven mitts, rolling pins, measuring cups, etc., are tools of the potter as well as the chef. As in the high culinary arts, the art of clay is expressive and exacting.


Earthborn’s proprietary glazes come in colors that will complement any kitchen or restaurant.

The abrasive-resistant glazes are fired at such high temperatures that the clay and glaze form an impenetrable bond making each piece extremely durable. Each piece of Earthborn pottery is organic in design; the edges and glaze color may slightly vary from piece to piece.

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