The potters of Earthborn Studios are skilled artisans…

who enjoy a common ground with the chefs for whom they design. Both chef and potter take raw ingredients from the earth to be carefully subjected to the right time and temperature in the ovens, and then placed on the table to be enjoyed. Mixers, baker’s racks, oven mitts, rolling pins, measuring cups, etc., are tools of the potter as well as the chef. As in the high culinary arts, the art of clay is expressive and exacting.

We follow traditions and methodologies that have been passed down by potters for centuries. The creative processes we use require an artist’s eye, strong hands and continual diligence.

Earthborn Studios is a small band of artists who are making a dream come true by hard work, creativity, and inspiration. Our products are handcrafted in the USA.  Earthborn is a Certified Woman Owned Business (WBENC).

tenyaTena Payne

Tena Payne believes clay gets in your blood. Potters spend their lives perfecting the skills necessary to create and deliver a viable product, whether functional or decorative. Her goal is to integrate these two elements and provide work that transcends merely function or just decoration, arriving at a combination which elevates ones everyday food encounters to a special enjoyment. She has shown that using art in the everyday environment elevates one’s existence above the norm and gives pleasure and appreciation at unexpected moments. Tena has been a dedicated and accomplished potter since the 1970’s. She has been actively involved in the leadership of the local clay community and is a charter member of the prominent co-operative fine-art gallery, Artists Incorporated.

In 2009 she was a “Make Mine a Million” winner. Tena was also selected as a Forbes Magazine Boost Your Business, National Small Business Competition for Earthborn Studios, Inc. Top 5 winner in 2009. Tena’s most recent accomplishments include the International Trade Excellence award given by the Birmingham Business Alliance (2014) and The Enterprising Woman of the Year Award given by Enterprising Women Magazine (2015).

Her small pottery business has evolved over the years to what is now Earthborn Studios, Inc. with restaurant and retail installations around the country. When not working in clay Tena enjoys solo whitewater canoeing, camping, growing shiitake mushrooms, and cooking. Her husband of 30+ years and their two children all now work in the business to achieve their specific individual goals. Tena and her creations have been featured in many national and regional publications and chefs across the county have come to depend on her to create unique serving pieces to showcase their culinary creations.

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