Chef’s Hammock


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Earthborn bowls are the perfect decorative element for your home. Our bowls are hand-made from southern red clay, fired at extremely high temperatures to insure a durable, high-quality product. They resist chipping and breaking and are certified microwave, oven (when brought up to temperature) and dishwasher safe. Chefs and restaurants use our bowls because they are highly functional yet absolutely gorgeous. Our bowls come in all of the available glaze colors which may vary slightly.

10.5″ x 22″ | ECH | Shown in Vanilla Bean

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All Earthborn products are certified microwave, dishwasher and oven safe (when brought up to temp or run under hot water). Please note that all orders are glazed to order therefore allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Glaze Color

Black, Bone, Calypso Blue, Caramel, Charcoal, Forest Brown, Galaxy, Gold Dust, Hazel, Honey Butter, Jasper, Lagoon, Moss, Mountain Mist, Ocean, Opal, Paradise Blue, Peacock, Red, River Rock, Sage Green, Sapphire, Sierra, Sky, Spruce, Waterfall, Vanilla Bean