Raku Workshop


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We are offering a specialized ceramic class, learning how to fire Raku Pottery!

Raku is an ancient Japanese firing process involving a rapid firing and cooling by a reduction method with combustible materials. This essentially deprives the atmosphere of oxygen and chemically forces the oxygen out of the clay body, leaving behind a magnificent, metallic oxide on the surface.

Pricing will be $100 per person. Each person will receive 3 pots(small, medium, and large) that are premade by one of our throwers here at Earthborn Studios. There will also be 5 different glazes to choose from.

This will be a full day event starting at 10AM and going until we finish or the sun sets. We will start the day with a quick lecture explaining the Raku process. Then we will hand out the pots, get them glazed, and start firing!

Class size limited to the first 15 registrations.


SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Do not wear loose or synthetic clothing. It is best to stick with cotton, denim, canvas, or something of the sort because they are the least likely to combust. Closed toed shoes required. No mascara or dangly jewelry and make sure long hair is pulled back. Feel free to bring your own N95 mask if you are bothered by lots of smoke, we will have some masks to handout as well.

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Dates April 10, 2024