Earthborn pottery is organic by nature and by design, giving the food professional access to custom-made products that stand out amidst the ‘round & white’ monopoly of tabletop merchandise.

Proven in the restaurant industry since 1997, chefs of every standing recognize the beauty and utility of Earthborn pottery. Historical traditions and methodologies are used in the creative process and require an artist’s eye, strong hands and continual diligence to achieve the balance between form and function that typifies the elemental character of Earthborn pottery. The product has been tested for quality and safety. The clay is vitrified, which guarantees durability, and the abrasive-resistant glazes are industrial dishwasher safe. The product is beautiful, original, and restaurant sturdy. Earthborn Studios is a small band of artists who are making a dream come true by hard work, creativity, and the inspiration that comes from the knowledge of the living God.

The minimum order is waived for the culinary professional and wholesale/special prices apply when the customer agrees to identify Earthborn pottery online or in print when placed in service. Please call for details.

Earthborn Studios, Inc. is a Certified Woman Owned Business. It all started when Tena sold her organic shiitake mushrooms to Chef Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham and saw a few pieces of broken pottery in the kitchen. Soon, they were collaborating on distinctive plates, bowls, and serving platters for his restaurant that were not only beautiful but would also hold up to the rigorous service demands of a busy restaurant kitchen. See which award-winning chefs use and love Earthborn! View our love letters and list of restaurants. Chef Chris Hastings’ famous Hot and Hot Tomato Salad served on Earthborn pottery. Thousands go out of the kitchen each summer; get the recipe!